Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coming May 8 from Cedar Fort Publications

          Our first novel together, CHARLIE'S GIRL will hit the shelves May 8th in a 200 page paperback at $14.95.  I wrote it some thirty years ago, and my husband Dan and I collaborated on polishing it up before lending it to our dear friends Duke and Doni Bennett.  Their response was gratifying, and with their encouragement, we submitted it to Cedar Fort Publications for their consideration.  They contracted to publish it and have been wonderful to work with in bringing this story to readers.

          Rosalind Matthews, orphaned as a toddler, was raised in foster care in Phoenix, Arizona.  At age 14 she was sent to live with her paternal grandmother in a small town in South Carolina.  Beset with the usual challenges of coming of age, she struggles to gain confidence and seek her grandmother's elusive approval.  Adrift in the culture of a provincial Southern town of the late 1960's, she is befriended by another newcomer, Emily Watson, whose family moves in across the street.  Unwittingly Rosalind and Emily uncover a long-kept secret about her parents that could drive a wedge between her and her new guardian, and threaten her future.


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